Mind, Body and Spirit Retreat

Posted August 2nd, 2007

We will be hosting a Mind, Body and Spirit retreat on August 31st, September 1st and September 2nd. There will be a special living foods dinner on the Saturday night following the Living Foods workshop. The charge for the retreat will be $80 per person and will include accommodation, evening meal and brunch on the Saturday and Sunday. Please make your reservations as soon as possible as space is limited.

Workshops will include the following:

Yoga for Slugs Workshop – with Dolly Russell

Guided Meditation Workshop – with Dolly Russell

Living Foods Workshops with Dolly Russell and John Oliver – “My life was changed forever, at the age of twelve, when some neighbors turned me on to a copy of Survival Into the 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas. At that time, after learning the realities of the meat industry, learning about karma, Yoga, and nutrition, I became a strict vegetarian. I learned to do the sun worship salute from my new found “life’s handbook”, and did it every day. I presently live in Bradenton Florida with my husband, Todd, and my daughter, Morgan, who are both strict vegetarians.

Poi Making with Hanoch Schmalbach

Poi Lessons – Fire Spinning with Hanoch Schmalbach. He began his fascination with fire as a young boy on a farm. These qualifications cannot be understated. His true symbiosis with the flame would not occur until college, however, where enrolled in the circus he was taught the rudiments of fire spinning and sent off to elaborate upon them. Based on the Maori (New Zealand) Poi, instruments of knotted rope spun to train the body and liquefy motion in preparation for war and combat, a warrior of light will gain the benefits of humility, and focus, improved circulation and cardiovascular health, flexibility, upper body strength and tone, agility, ambidexterity, and rhythm. In this two part workshop participants will be taught to make their own practice poi, taught basic weaves and patterns and given the resources to elaborate upon them as well.

Body Movement Workshop, Movement From Within – Erin Leigh Mahoney grew up in a small Connecticut town studying Vaganova ballet, tap, and jazz. After a particularly grey Boston winter, she flew south for jasmine and sunshine. Experiences studying and teaching amongst various spaces, exploring vinyasa yoga, becoming Karma Kids Yoga certified, dancing with shadows, and pedaling bicycles nurtured her passion while in Saint Augustine, Florida. She believes movement from within empowers and hopes to share this joyous celebration with many. Dance invokes emotion, cultivates the mind-body-spirit connection, and expresses the creative life force. Day-to-day often leaves stiff bodies disconnected from scattered minds. Awaken your body and calm your mind thru a guided exploration of breath and movement.

Our friend ‘Boomer’ will also be conducting a workshop in stained glass. We have a few places left please call ASAP to reserve