An element since early human history, a mask conceals and disguises the wearer, usually as another person, creature, or spirit. Worn ceremonially for communicating with supernatural forces believed to rule the universe or purely as a diversion from genuine self, masks continue to remain prevalent amongst socialization. Especially since Halloween is approaching!

Of long ago folk art origins, paper mache is an eco-friendly medium. Shredded paper waste from our consumer lives (such as newsprint, egg cartons, copy paper, junk mail, etc) is reused in conjunction with a paste of water and over-processed, void-of-nutritional-value white flour from the maybe-it-will-disappear pantry stash. Three approaches — layered, pulped, and sculpted — will be introduced as we simultaneously delve into the exploration of paper mache and the creation of masks.

Please join us Saturday, October 27th throughout the afternoon in the Screen Porch

Americans remain largely in the dark about millions of pounds of toxic chemicals being used, shipped, discharged, and spilled in communities. Many are also unaware of the lifestyles and industrial processes that are disrupting the self-sustaining balance of the profound and complex interactions amongst all organisms on Earth. Our objective now must be to increase awareness, minimize impact, and replace questionable processes with those that honor sustainability of nature’s cycles.

Mainstream household cleaners typify American consumerism. Capitalizing on insecurities, manufacturers and marketers transform synthetic cleaning agents, anti-redeposition agents, bleaches, builders, enzymes, and optical brighteners into an $18 billion market. The products work under more varied conditions, against more forms of dirt, in colder water, require less time and effort than ever before, and introduce a plethora of chemicals whose presence in homes raises serious health and environmental concerns.

Please join us Saturday, October 13th at 2pm for our discussion-based workshop, Opt for Clean ‘n Fresh, instead of Annihilation ‘n Toxic Consequence. Focus topics will include the Greener Clean tactics in motion at the Hostel, home application of these methods, the global toxics and destruction dilemma, biodegradability verses bioaccumulation, eco-friendliness, and nature’s cycles.