Labor Day Weekend Retreat

Posted March 23rd, 2006

September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 2006

Our annual Labor day weekend retreat will be focussed on Mind Body and Spirit.

Friday Sept. 1st.

Canoe Races in the afternoon. A Lighted Labyrinth Walk after dinner with an Introduction commencing in the Library at dusk.

Saturday Sept. 2nd.

Brunch between 10:30am and 1:00pm will be available in the screened porch. Garden and Asthetics, with Joey Brandt at 1:30pm. Botanacle Artistry, with Rachel Schattman at 3:00pm. Swing Dance, with Mikey Tietz at 5:00pm. Dinner 7:00pm – 9pm. A Theatrical Reading of “All in the Timing” by David Ives, after dinner.

Sunday Sept. 3rd.

Brunch between 10:30am and 1:00pm will be available in the screened porch. Morning Yoga and Meditation instructor TBA at 11:00am. Sweat Fire Lighting at 12:00pm. Theraputic Art for the Mind and Spirit with Dolly Russel at 1:00pm. Sweat Lodge Intro proceeded by Sweat at 3:00pm. Dinner 7:00pm – 9:00pm . An after dinner musical treat to follow.

31st Hostel Birthday Party

Posted March 23rd, 2006

July 3rd. and 4th 2006 – Alright hostelers, the Hostel in the Forest will be celebrating its 31st Birthday Party on The Fourth of July. Come and join in the festivities for this momentus occasion. We will be celebrating on the third and the fourth of July. For this years theme, think Company Picnic meets the Hostel. Our friend Boomer will be Bar-B-Qing, both veggie and meat on the fourth, and the party will be packed with games and activities. We look forward to seeing you there.

Some Currently Planned Events: Egg Toss, Three Legged Race, The Aqua Melon Race, Volleyball in the Pool, HorseShoe Tournement, Endless Bocce Ball (whew!), Glowstick Diving and a Pie Eating Contest

Memorial Day Weekend Retreat

Posted March 23rd, 2006


7:00pm Dinner


Music of the Georgia Coast with Murray Wilson

A presentation of African-American slave songs, work songs, shouts and spirituals. Recordings made in South Georgia between 1980 and 1984 that captured a dwindling tradition of songs from a much harder time. Many of these recordings were from performers in their latter years including the remarkable Deacon James Cook, born in 1886 and who lived to the ripe old age of 108. These songs will raise a hair or two on the back of your neck, certainly a tear in your eye and will make you stomp your feet like never before. I made many recordings during those four years including some in slave graveyards, churches, revivals, festivals and even in the library at the Hostel. Share with me a slice of the musical past.


10:30am Brunch will be available in the screened porch.


Photography with Scott and Barrie Barbara

We will be discussing all aspects of photography � framing, editing, light, character, and emotion. Anyone can tell you how to take an accurate photo, but we hope to help capture the raw essence of everything around us. Captured Art Photography was formed in the Summer of 2004 and has grown into a booming business of personal art and portraiture. Many of you may be familiar with our walking hostel photo tour or perhaps you know us as �Scott, Barrie, and the kids from Indiana�. The hostel has meant everything to us as well as the growth of our careers. You can access many of our hostel photos at Scott’s site. We look forward to seeing you! Meet at the domes.


Ellijah Gilchrist and Hand Drumming.

Ellijah is a skilled and accomplished self-taught drummer who has played with countless bands. He will be teaching rhythm and technique on all levels of skill so no experience necessary. Bring your drums! In the Glass House.


Henna and body art workshop with Ray

Ray will share with us the style and design of traditional Henna Body Art. In the Screen Porch.


Freestyle Poetry Workshop with Micheal Tietz

Mikey is a current hostel staff member from New York and has been writing since age six. He has performed at The Apocalypse, KGB, and Nuyorican Poets Caf�. His workshop will strategically show us that not only can anyone write poetry, but that anyone can also freestyle. In the Glass House.

7:00pm – Dinner


Play reading and performance

We will be reading Neil Simon�s The Good Doctor. Neil Simon molds the stories of Anton Chekhov into exquisitely timed, often hilarious theatre, dramatizing seven stories which incorporate a wide variety of characters—a governess, a lady of the night, a blustering general, a wild woman with a nervous disorder, a rou� flirting with a new bride, a man who earns money by “drowning,” and an actress. The stories, adapted for the stage, are filled with dry humor, surprise endings, and clever common people in confrontations with “superiors,” ending in absurdities. “The Writer,” obviously Chekhov, who himself was a “good doctor,” acts as narrator and serves to connect the various scenes. If you�re interested in playing a part, let us know when you arrive. We will have scripts available.


10:30am Brunch will be available in the screened porch.


Creative Writing with Anneli Sundqvist

This workshop will focus on the enjoyment of writing. With simple assignments, we�ll find ways to improve our writing and use it as a tool to go beyond the self critic and the self drawn limits that hold us away from joyful and meaningful creations. Anneli is a current staff member from Sweden, who has studied creative writing and journalism, worked as a columnist for a Swedish newspaper and had her short-stories published in several magazines. The last 1,5 years she has been teaching writing classes on fiction, poetry, and drama.


Rhythm and Dance with Heather Tankersley.

From slow movement stretching to ecstatic dance, we will be experiencing the various ways in which we can release tension, stress, emotional blocks, and move into higher states of being. We will explore the power of intentional dance for healing and raising our vibrations. Where loose danceable clothing. Prepare to feel new areas of freedom within yourself. Heather has performed in over 200 theatrical performances that included multi-cultural dance. She performs Temple Belly dance at present and has owned a Face & Body Art business for 5 years. You can view her art and find more information about her on Heather’s website


Kimchi with Jeremy Wilson

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish of fermented chili peppers and vegetables, usually based on cabbage. Kimchi has been cited by Health Magazine as one of the world’s five “healthiest foods”, with the claim that it is rich in vitamins, aids digestion, and may even prevent cancer. Jeremy, the manager and gardener of the hostel, is a recent fan of wild fermentation and has been making kimchi for the last year. This workshop will show the process of making kimchi and also the importance of eating fermented foods. In the screen porch.

7:00pm Dinner


Poetry reading and open mic.

Bring your songs, poetry, and instruments! Fire side.

Painting Station

There will also be an on going painting station with acrylics open throughout the weekend for the creation of a community art piece.

Workshops will be announced by Bell.

A continental brunch of Fruit, bagels, toast, tea and coffee will be served on saturday and sunday morning from 10:30-1pm.

All reservations are 80$ and include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Tai Chi Workshop

Posted March 23rd, 2006

Ken Stewart will be giving an Elemental Tai-Chi workshop in the glasshouse. It is a graceful and healing form of moving meditation with only 12 postures to learn. It enhances focus, massages every major organ in the body, and produces balanced energy rythyms that help to restore the body to its natural healthy state. “Its that thing you see old people doing together in the park in China”. Ken will also be reading from his recently published book and casting voices for a future publication on audio.

Ken is a Holistic practitioner, Writer, Minister, Tai-Chi/meditation instructor and Congressional leader/District 1 for the (US Dept of peace)/Peace alliance. He is a pioneer in the field of Audio-harmonic sound healing and presently directs these efforts towards the education of special needs children. He is a published author and is currently promoting his new book “W.G.O.D. ...the revelation station”. He is also rumored to be a better than average poker player and can most commonly be found in the nearest hammock.

Massage Workshop

Posted March 23rd, 2006

Tammie Williams, a local massage therapist and owner of Return to Eden Massage Therapy Clinic will be demonstrating some energy massage and basic relaxation techniques around 1pm in the glasshouse.

Retreat Weekend

Posted March 23rd, 2006


First come first serve sign up for the sat night sweat lodge. 15 person occupancy.

Dinner at 7:30

9:30ish pm- Introduction to labyrinths and then a group walking of the lighted labyrinth.


10am yoga with Robin Mcdonald in the glass house

10:30ish Brunch will be available in the kitchen.

12 noon – lighting of the sweat lodge fire including the blessing of the rocks, and laying of the blankets upon the lodge.

1pm – Wet land Ecology Lecture and Tour with Dr. Stephen Golladay – will meet at the domes.

3pm – Sweat lodge orientation. The sweat will immediately follow lead by Tom Dennard.

7:30 – Dinner

9:30 – Fire side council discussion


10am – The middle pillar: a chakra meditation with Poppy Deboer in the glasshouse

10:30ish Brunch will be available in the kitchen.

12 noon – Elemental Healing – a meditation and workshop on the 4 elements with Gnat Nathaniel Childress. Will meet at the domes.

2:30 pm – History of the hostel T trail tour with Tom Dennard. Will meet at the domes.

7:30 Dinner

A continental brunch of Fruit, bagels, toast, tea and coffee will be served on saturday and sunday morning from 10:30-1pm.

Lectures and instructors

Yoga by Robin Mcdonald – Robin is a Licensed Hatha yoga instructor who teaches at the Saint Simons health and fitness center here in Glynn county.

Wet land ecology lecture and tour – Dr. Stephen Golladay is an aquatic biologist with 20+ years experience in the field and a researcher at the Joesph W. Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway. ( There will be a brief powerpoint presentation and introduction. Then we will poke around with some nets and learn about the critters that live in wetlands. Participants should plan to get their feet wet. The sensation of being off the board walk is entirely different and quite beneficial in the understanding of wet land ecology.

Sweat Lodge – Lead by Tom Dennard. The sweat will be 4 sessions, roughly 45 minutes each and will have many aspects of native american ritual as well as the freedom of the 10 year hostel tradition.

The middle pillar: a chakra meditation -Conducted by Poppy Deboer. The middle pillar is an ancient meditative technique used to balance and clear the seven main chakras, energy points in the body that move up the spine from tailbone to skulltop. Each chakra has its own attributes, from color to emotion to potential addictions. We’ll spend the first half of the workshop discussing the chakras and the meditation, and then the second half meditating. This will be a 1-2 hour workshop. Poppy, from Jamacia Plains, MA, is a previous staff member and a greatly valued part of the hostel family, who has spent countless hours and energy at the hostel.

Elemental Healing meditation and worhshop – By Nathaniel Childress aka Gnat. This will be an interactive meditation upon each of the 4 elements: earth, water, fire, and air as well as our position within them. It will be conducted in the garden, at the lake, and in the glasshouse. Gnat is a previous and present staff member.

History of the Hostel T trail tour with Tom – Tom Dennard is the owner and founder of the Hostel in the Forest, a well published author, adventurer and 30+ year practicing lawyer here in Brunswick. He will be leading a tour of the property and sharing a slice of the almost 31 years of hostel history. This is will be a grand treat!!!!!!