Weekend Workshops December 30th. - 31st.

Posted December 27th, 2006

Saturday Jan 30, 2006

8:30 Yoga

1:00 Create a Dream Catcher

3:00 Meditation

Sunday Jan 31, 2006 8:30 Yoga

2:00 “Creative Creation” with Kara

All day – “Down & Dirty” with the Garden Crew

Weekend Workshops

Posted December 18th, 2006

Saturday December 23rd

Yoga with Kara 8:30AM

Breakfast with Tom 10AM

Down and Dirty with the Garden Crew 1PM

Sunday December 24th

8:30AM Yoga with Kara

12:00PM Creative Creations, an artistic endeavor with Kara Smith

Saturday December 16th. 2006

Posted December 13th, 2006

Saturday Morning: 9am Yoga and Meditation with Kara

Saturday Afternoon: Down and dirty with the gardeners

Weekend Workshops

Posted December 4th, 2006

Saturday December 9th

10 AM: Worm Boxes, use and building, a workshop with the Garden Crew

1 PM: Tea Time with Tom, an open discussion forum

4 PM: Crocheting: Hoops Loops and Hooks, a workshop with Mike Joe and Ken

After Dinner: A Comedy Improv – the Hostel staff. So bring a load of humor and an easy laugh as we explore the light heartedness of language.