We’re 10 miles west of Brunswick, Georgia on Highway 82. If you’re traveling on I-95, take exit 29 and proceed west for two miles. After passing a radio station on your left, the highway becomes divided. When you reach the next intersection, just past mile marker 11, make a U-turn. There are no signal lights at this intersection, but you will notice the road to the left is Myers Hill Road. After making a U-turn, you should continue driving east on Highway 82 for another half mile. After passing mile marker 11, slow down dramatically and you’ll find a small dirt road on your right with a gate and “The Hostel” sign. If you’ve made reservations, then open the gate and drive down the bumpy road a half-mile to our parking lot. There are some big puddles especially after it rains, but don’t worry, there is plenty of gravel in the road and you won’t get stuck.

If you searching for the Hostel by way of a mapping program or GPS, the entrance is located at 31 09’ 45” N, 81 35’ 45” W