What are the Hostel Requirements?

1.You must join our membership in order to stay at the hostel. Anyone can join and will be asked to do so at check-in. 

2. Reservations should be made by phone. Our number is 912-264-9738. Please reconfirm the day BEFORE your arrival and let us know the approximate time of arrival. While we guarentee you a bed with your reservation, we cannot guarantee a treehouse.

3. We can not accept reservations, cancellations or confirmations, by email – please call 912-264-9738.

4. We have a maximum 3 day visitation policy.

5. The maximum group size is 5 people, not just for your reservation but for your whole group.

6. Charges are $30 per person per night unless we are having a special event. We take credit/debit cards, cash and travelers checks.

7. Bring a flashlight – it makes it easier to find your treehouse in the dark. From April to October bring mosquito repellent!

8. A vegetarian family style meal is prepared each evening by members and staff. Food donations are always welcome. It is a great vegetarian dinner and many of our ingredients come from our organic garden. You should bring what you’d like to eat for breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. There is a Win Dixie Grocery store within a mile and the best BBQ on the planet a half mile east of the hostel at Gary’s Supermarket, but it is closed on Sundays and Mondays. There is a convenience store one mile east of the hostel at the intersection of Highway 17 and Highway 82 open every day.

8. We don’t mind those visiting the hostel having a beer or two or a glass or two of wine; however, you will not be permitted to stay if, in the opinion of any member of our staff, you have had too much to drink. The hostel is not a place to “party”, and any form of intoxication will not be tolerated.

10. The same applies to illegal drugs. Anyone using them will be asked to leave.

11. We do NOT allow dogs, cats or other pets. If you’re traveling with a pet you must board the pet at a local kennel. We do not want pets left in cars in the parking lot only because we love them as much as you do. There are no exceptions!

12. We do not encourage those who visit the Hostel to bring young children unless they are constantly under supervision. We have no liability insurance, and there are too many ways for kids to get hurt unsupervised. In the past, some guests have felt that they can turn their children loose to run as they please. This usually means that a member of our staff has to watch over them – we do not provide this service! . We maintain a certain level of tranquility and serenity here and those outside of its bounds will be asked to leave. If you do bring a child, you will have to sign a special liability form releasing the hostel from any injuries that may happen to them. With this being said, we love the novelty, enthusiasm, and vibrance that children bring to the hostel.

13. If you know you’re going to arrive by bus in Brunswick and will need a ride to the hostel, you should call ahead and let us know the time of your arrival. Since buses are notoriously late, you will have to call the hostel again from the Brunswick bus station after you arrive. There is a $5 per trip charge to cover our gas.

14. Everyone staying at the hostel will be asked to be a part in helping out by doing a daily chore consisting of something like sweeping the deck, common room, or the screen porch, helping to clean the kitchen, working in the gardens, feeding the chickens and ducks or something of that nature.

15. You should leave your cell phone either in your car or room. We do not permit you to receive or place calls in the presence of others in the communal areas. All violators WILL be prosecuted by being thrown in the pool by an eager staff!

16. Because we are unable to obtain any liability insurance, everyone is asked to sign the membership agreement form releasing the Hostel from any liability.

17. *Please note, we do not accept any plastic bottles for recycling. Pack it in, Pack it out.

NOTE: We hate to nag, but we are getting a number of people making reservations and then not showing or letting us know. We fully appreciate your plans may change BUT LET US KNOW PLEASE! We frequently turn people away because we are full and when you don’t show and don’t let us know, no one gets to use that bed or tree house and we loose an overnight. We also plan our evening meals based upon the number of reserved guests. Uncanceled reservations are noted and may impact your desire to make another reservation in the future, so please, please let us know.