We have treehouses/huts (the Top and Bottom Peacock, the Screen Hut, Elmo’s, the Honeymoon Hut, the Pool Hut, and the Dragons Lair), 3 enclosed rooms (the Mushroom, the Turtle, and the Sky Room), and a two story bunk house called the Corral on top and the Palapa on bottom. Each of the Peacock Huts have 3 single beds. Every other hut and room has a double bed, and some of them have extra mattress’. The Palapa sleeps 12 and the Coral sleeps 4, with the rest of the space upstairs being dedicated to an art room. You can check out the photo page for pictures.

We have 3 outdoor showers with steaming hot water. These showers drain directly onto the forest floor, so we ask all of our guests to use the Dr. Bronner’s Organic Soaps that we provide for a more ecologically sound showering experience.

We offer food storage space in a communal area that includes a refrigerator as well as a full kitchen that you are welcome to use anytime that we’re not cooking dinner. We also provide a grand array of spices, herbs, and teas, as well as our fair trade “Tree House Blend Coffee”, from PERC Coffee each morning

We strive to live as ecologically sustainable as possible by encouraging conservation of electricity, minimal water usage of our local well, recycling 80%+ of our refuse. We use the Phoenix aerobic composting toilet systems that transforms human waste into a rich, well-stabilized mulch. It is odorless, and requires no water for flushing.

Unfortunately, we are not well adapted for handicap accessibility due to rough forest trails, stairs, and our rustic environment. But if you are adventurous, we will make every possible effort to accomodate any special needs.

If you reserve a room, you must call the day before to confirm your reservation, otherwise please cancel as soon as you are aware of the need to do so. Contact the Hostel at 912.264.9738.