August 2020 Update

Posted August 19th, 2020

Good Day Forest Friends,

We send our best wishes to you and yours.

The year has marched on, and many are beginning to transition from their summer activities into the business of Fall. We hope that you were able to spend some time in a nature setting, because while surrounded by Earth’s wonder, subtle notes of our inner selves emerge to the surface for contemplation.

The lake is full and the front pond is receding to reveal long tree roots that stretch towards the, now distant, waters edge. Today was a special day of note, because it is the first morning since the onset of summer that the overnight temperature dipped into the 60’s. This foretells of the Autumn beauty that the Forest is about to unfold.

The most common sight to see right now amongst the limbs and branches are the remarkable Golden Orb Weavers. They are also known as “Writing Spiders”,”Banana Spiders”, or “Giant Wood Spiders”. Their incredibly large golden webs begin with a single strand that they cast to the wind till it catches a distant pivot point. It is from this main line that the rest of the structural threads are sent, then carefully woven into the remarkable webs from which they get their namesake. When walking on the T Trail, one could look to the horizon and almost mistake one of these webs as a second sun rising due to the brilliance of what they created.

We are seed harvesting and planning the Fall garden. The chickens that we hatched in the spring will begin to lay next month. The paths that were once kept wide from foot traffic, now must be manicured by hand tools to keep the forest from swallowing them up whole. All of these labors are done with happy hearts, for it is some of the groundwork for the future day in which we will be able to host our Forest Friends and Family once again. When that day is,still is unknown, but the Forest will be ready for the arrivals.

Thank you for this day, for those around me, and for all the friends we’ve met along the way.

With Forest Love, The Hostel in the Forest