Spring Update

Posted April 28th, 2019

It’s Springtime in Georgia, and the forest is waking up. With Spring’s renewal has come many new projects around the property. Our building crew has been hard at work, and we are thankful to now have a brand new, state-state-of-the-art Phoenix composting toilet system to handle the Hostel’s waste management needs. Seriously, it rules, come poop in it! Many new art projects have been taking shape around the property as well. Murals, woodworking pieces, and new paintings are popping up, each carrying the unique flair of their creators. The stairway to the Screen Hut was recently replaced, and sections of boardwalks and decks are constantly being updated as needed.

The gardens are coming to life, with a fresh surge of energy and effort going into cultivating and refining the Solar Fields garden as well as the main garden. The living roof to the Cob Kitchen has been rebuilt with non-toxic materials and is now home to many varieties of herbs and greens, thanks to the efforts of our garden manager and the contributions of countless volunteers. An ongoing project is also underway to inoculate many logs around the property with edible and medicinal mushroom species. The chickens are doing well, and we have been seeing an abundance of eggs! That is, when the chickens don’t hide them. Dr. Bronner is still the big man on campus and it seems like all he does is chase the hens around all day, so we’ll hopefully have some chicks soon. The weather is perfect, the lake water is warm and the Spring season is in full swing. Come see us soon!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel