Winter Update

Posted January 5th, 2019

Winter Update:

As the leaves begin to drop with the changing of the seasons, so does the temperature. The birds and mammals of the forest have been busy collecting their winter food supplies and building warm sleeping areas. Similarly, the humans of the forest have been cooking up hearty soups and stews, while getting cozy at night with piles of blankets. Chilly days bring about long conversations around the warmth of the campfire, which is further enjoyed with hot beverages and musical instruments. And thanks to our well-loved wood stoves, the main dome and library are kept toasty warm with roaring fires throughout the season. Movie nights in the library and game nights on the screen porch are not uncommon this time of year. And while the lake may be too cold for swimming, it’s still a favorite spot for folks to take our canoes and kayaks onto the still, peaceful water.

With less hours of daylight, the chickens have been laying fewer eggs, while using this time to molt their old feathers in order to grow beautiful new ones. The ducklings we raised in the summer, have grown into full-fledged adults and spend their days lounging at the pond and exploring the puddles after it rains. Fall brought the migration of hawks through the forest, and many woodpeckers were seen frequenting our dead trees for tasty insects. Thanks to the cold temperatures, mosquitos and flies are now a thing of the past, and it is pleasant to get out and walk the T-trail without such distractions. Bats have also become a more common and welcome sight in the early evening hours, especially over the lake.

Winter has brought nights below freezing that narrowed our options from the garden. But thankfully, with a little love and care, our gardens have provided us with an abundance of unique greens, which are combined with wild foraged edibles to create some truly tasty salads! It’s been such a blessing to continue to eat fresh produce year-round, especially straight from our own soil! As we move toward spring, we look forward to growing a wide assortment of veggies in our main garden as well as the solar field gardens.

In summary, the winter is a very special time of year in the forest. A time for quiet reflection. A time for observation. And a time to gather in the warm company of new friends