Summer Update

Posted August 4th, 2016

A joyous summer is upon us! South Georgia can be quite hot and muggy but the generous canopy does its best to shelter us from the bright sun during the dog days of summer.

All are welcome to lounge about our new, beautiful pool deck and swing, tarzan style, into the chilly pool water. Sunbathing atop our new, eco friendly floating dock is encouraged, allow yourself to be kissed by the sun! The sound of epic drum solos from our magically acoustic library are the soundtrack to our recently reconstructed forestscape.

We have raised the roof on the Narnia building and deconstructed others in the surrounding space so as to appreciate the interesting shape of the domes. A new loo allows forest folk to poo with a view. The current crew of jovial hoodies are serving the hostel with daily beautification and upgrades, like Jonah prepping the garden for our fall crop planting, Ryan building said floating dock and Frank completing Narnia that many hands have helped to dip shakes that act as a sturdy covering against the elements.

Early each morning our proud and noble top cock, Pico, sweetly converses with the goldie hens, a silent and still beak to cheek foul communication! He protects and provides for our 25 hens who find peculiar places to roost such as on the liveroof, in reorganized flower pots and even hut porches! Do not disturb for a great pecking could befall you! Our second generation of hostel mixed breed chicks coming into adulthood are learning to peck, scratch and beg for food. They know that plates + humans = food so it is advised that you watch your sandwiches closely! They are mostly trained to drink from our water glass when offered, their open-beaked panting will clue you into their needs.

We must get back now to chopping wood for WINTER IS COMING!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff