End of Winter Update: March 2016

Posted March 13th, 2016

Winter at the Hostel has been a joyous time of creation. New boardwalks were put immediately into use as extreme amounts of rain refilled our lake, our pond, and turned the forest floor into a magical winter swamp. Our ducks (first generation, hatched from our previous ducks last year) have loved the wet environment and roamed the forest’s waters with the guests and the number of rubber duckies that began to humorously scatter the environment.

Spring has made itself known this week as the trees funneled all that water to their new buds, the forest floor began drying up, and new baby chickens scratch at the ground around mama hen. Frank and Jay have returned and are creating a new building with a great view, and our Art Lab Carpentry club demolished the roof of Laundry Land to prepare the space for its next reincarnation. The Soul Kitchen is spoiled right now, with Cooper (our Baker extraordinaire from California) and the new range (stove/oven) feeding the rush of hungry travelers that spring brings to us.

The physical garden is being planted, while the gardens of our minds are being fertilized with daily classes and monthly retreats. What a privilege it is, to be in the forest at this time, where every one of us is a teacher and every one of us is a student. Until we leave here, teachers of teachers and students of students, sharing love and wisdom with the rest of the world.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff