If you ever read “Tuva or Bust” then you will know what Throat Singing is. The book tells the story of Richard Feynman (famed quantum mechanics physicist who worked on the first US atomic bomb at Los Alamos) who with his friend Ralph Leighton, set out to visit Tuva, and discover the wonders of Tuvan throat-singing.

Jon Erkkila is a folk musician and throat singer on tour in the US. He studied throat singing and traditional Tuvan music with Choduraa Tumat of Tyva Kyzy at Tuvan State University in Kyzyl, Republic of Tuva, Russian Federation for six months last year. Jon states that the Tuvan khoomei is therapeutic to listen to and to practice. It is both amazing what one can do with their body, and the fact that everyone is capable of singing in this style with the right start on how to sing and with a good sound concept.

Jon is coming to the Hostel on Friday Sept 26th. 2015 to perform and teach us about throat singing and his amazing travels. Admission is free to guests.

Watch Jon Erkkila throat singing here