The theme for this event will be mythology and the forest. Woodland animals, mythological creatures, the four elements, etc. We encourage guests to be creative in their costume expression using mythology and the natural world as inspiration. However, we would never want to stifle personal expression and so invite you to see this as a guideline that might have wonderful aesthetic effect around the fire!

This event will will feature the following facilitators:Bela Watson: Certified Yoga instructor, art teacher, and live painter, Eric Woodell: Art teacher and live painter, Jai Biotic: DJ and vibe expert, Wren Shoumate: Earthskills teacher, Jeffrey Rieger: Yoga Nidra Meditation Sam de Mooy: Meditation and Cacao.

Friday 10/30/15 Evening: Dinner @ 7 PM – Fireside social with the possibility of co-created stories and games after VITAL GLORY (our language for a clean kitchen after dinner :) )

Saturday 10/31/15 Morning: Meditation in the Glass House 8 AM - Yoga in the Glass House 9 AM, Brunch @ 10:30 AM

Saturday Afternoon: Earthskills Toolbox in the Woods, Art class in the Library Dome, Siesta, Free Time, Self Care! starting @ 3:30 PM

Saturday Evening: Dinner @ 6:30 PM, Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala in the Screen Porch after Vital Glory. Epic Costume Dance Party around the Main Fire Pit/ Cobb Kitchen beginning around 9:30 PM

Sunday 11/1/15 Morning: Meditation 9:30 AM, Yoga Class 10 AM, Brunch @ 11:30 AM

Sunday Afternoon: Plant Walk, Final clean up, Checking out by 3 PM

Helpful hints: It might be a good idea to bring a cooler as the guest fridge can get pretty overwhelmed when it’s busy. Bring your own towel and drinking vessel to cut down on laundry and washing up.