Living in a society which is facing major issues such as overpopulation, pollution, and diminishing natural resources, it’s time to find creative, efficient, and ‘out-of-the-box’ building solutions.

Natural Building often referred to as Alternative Building Methods, is a growing movement of building practices and principles.

“I strongly believe that architectural solutions lie within the natural materials surrounding us, and within the building methods from a time past when society was well connected with the workings of the Earth. Finding ways to integrate these primal ideas with modern day building science; creating structures which are truely customized to the environment which they live; a low embodied energy; from the Earth, and to return to the Earth one day.” April Magill

Come and join us for a fun (and muddy!) weekend as April Magill founder of Root Down Desgns leads us through an exploration of how we can build using local & natural materials! April will teach a hand’s on building practice using several different Natural Building methods. Techniques such as Cob, Wattle-n-Daub, Bamboo Wall/Cob Infill, Mosaic and Bottle Work, Earthen Plaster, and more will be taught and discussed. Participants will learn how to turn local soil and sand into building materials and how to harvest and use resources from the site such as Bamboo! We will sculpt, design, and create together! All participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to return home and begin their own Natural Building projects!


Arrive Friday afternoon/evening

Dinner followed by a Presentation by April on Natural Building; Question & Answer session; Discussions about Building Codes and other Issues

Saturday work day 9am – 6pm* (with lunch break)

Sunday partial work day 9am – 2pm (mid-morning snack)

Cost $100/person for Workshop which includes accommodation, brunch and dinner during your stay, and all materials for the workshop

Who is April? – April is a licensed Architect & Natural Builder living in Charleston, SC. “My passions lie not only within the world of design and architecture, but also in the world of building….creating….and working with my hands. I believe that in order to become a good Architect, I also must become a Builder as well. A need and a want to explore materials and to build with my hands has not only allowed me to participate in many traditional construction projects, but also led me down my newest path,Natural Building. I worked for 3 of Downtown Charleston’s Architecture firms, became a Licensed Architect in 2010, and served as Project Manager/Lead Architect on multiple projects before embarking on my own. Always itching to get out from behind the desk and into the fields, with a strong foundation of experience under me, I created Root Down Designs in 2011. Since embarking on my own, I’ve attended a 3 week Natural Building training in Asheville, NC, participated in a Natural Building project in Nicaragua, built/taught 4 Cob Oven Workshops, an Earthen Bench, and Earthen Plaster on my 1950’s home. I also stay busy with design work; always always ‘pushing the envelope’ on what I can do; working to pass Alternative Building Methods through the codes.

I hope to see you there!!!