Didgeridoo Sound Healing Retreat – featuring Matthew Cooper and Friends

1. A full didgeridoo virtuoso performance by Matthew (1st night – 1hour) followed by Nadam chanting and group healing (1 hour)

2. Guided auditory mediation with restorative yoga (1-2hrs Morning of 2nd day).

3. Mayan astrological readings and Individualized sound healings using didgeridoo and Tibetan textures (2nd day – 30minutes to 1 hour for each person).

4. Learn to play the didgeridoo (instruments provided), focusing on dynamic listening, Kundalini-type circular breathing, singing, and self healing (afternoon 2nd day).

Final performance by Matthew featuring full audio-visual arrangements.

The cost of two nights at the Hostel is $50 per person (plus a $5 membership fee if you are not already a member), and for the workshop there is a sliding scale of suggested donations: $10 – $100

“Matthew Allen Dale Cooper (or Machu Matthew) is artist, sculptor, designer, musician, shamanic healer, and visionary. With the emanation of unconditional love, the gateway for physical and spiritual healing, Matthew sculpts sound, visceral presence, woods, metals, and spacial environments. A graduate of Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design, he values professionalism and diligence, and counterbalances with radical spontaneity and style. Breathing in vibration, whether through hollow trees to excavate aboriginal consciousness, or through the lightning-emitting tip of a steel welder, Matthew is an architect of the cosmic essence of art, and is open and available to share love, light, and joy.

Matthew also pairs with Chelsea DeMercado to create DREAMTIME SYNASTRY, a powerful collaborative performance at the forefront of their creative affairs”