Learn to install a garden that once installs provides food season after season with very little work! No watering, No Fertilizing, No weeding, No pesticides, No herbicides, Yeah, I said No WATERING! Learn how to plant, harvest, propagate and utilize the perennial-based system once you’ve installed it. Learn about some great plants to include in your garden to give yourself food, establish an insect balance and bring natural fertility to your system. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Bring breakfast, lunch and drinks. Wear rough clothes and gloves, (a hat would be good too). Bring shovels.

Instructor Bio:

Alex Ojeda has done many live speaking engagements on the subjects of Permaculture and regenerative and resilient living (some would call this Sustainable living) throughout North Florida. He has experience in conventional gardening techniques for over a decade now, however, as of two years ago, he’s switched to exclusively using permaculture techniques. Alex has been an adjunct professor at Florida State College at Jacksonville and produced seminars for many different subjects. Alex is very interested in sharing the experiences that he’s had while moving his life toward a lower-impact system. His main goal is to move to a completely full-circle, natural, regenerative and resilient life and hopes that he can make it easy for others to do so too.

Saturday evening check-in $50 – includes Hostel stay Saturday night with dinner and all materials and instructions for the workshop.

Sunday: 9AM, presentation. Receive handouts. 10:30AM Break, 11AM meet back at Dome and begin walk to the garden area 2pm, finish installation

When you’re not installing a garden, enjoy hiking through 133 acres of forested land, swimming in a fresh water lake, kayaking and canoeing, camping in a tree house, walking through the labyrinth, sitting next to the camp fire, and cooking in a cob kitchen!!! And much much more!!!