Forest Update 08/18/2011

Posted August 18th, 2011

As the dog days of summer wear on, we at the Hostel have been perfecting the art of sitting very very still. This week, guests have led us in two meditation sessions, helping everyone to relax and cope with the heat. The screen porch is still a favorite hangout, attracting crafters, readers, and contemplaters of navels. In their quest to continuously find new and innovative ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and move as little as humanly possible, Aleisha and Carlyn have taken paper recycling to a whole new level. Aleisha has been creating treasure boxes from hardcover books discarded from libraries, and coiling some of the paper into beads for jewelry. Carlyn has made paper from drier lint and combined that with old cereal boxes and pages carved out of Aleisha’s books to make new postcards for the Hostel.

Of course, there are some advantages to the heat. Hostel staff made their first field trip of the year to the beach (for some of us, the first in several years). The beach at St. Simon’s island, just around the corner from the hostel, was exactly the prescription needed to recharge and refresh everyone. The beach was lovely and the water the perfect temperature for hours of gentle lazing. The afternoon was topped off with ice cream and pizza (ice cream first, of course); a quintessential summer experience.

We’ve all vowed to visit the beach as often as possible before the inevitable progression of summer into fall. In the meantime, we are working on planning the fall garden and designing new raised beds to replace the ones that have rotted away. We are also now measuring the completion of the new dome in terms of weeks instead of months, and looking forward to spending cool fall evenings watching documentaries there.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff