Weekly Update 07/19/10

Posted July 19th, 2010

Where is the love Hostelites? Well, it has most definitely been in our garden and our Soul kitchen this week. We have been harvesting Pink Eyed Peas (terrible pun I know) all week and still have okra, tomatoes and pungent basil coming in. We have started playing with ferments again, harvesting the last of our garden’s cabbage for a kimchee with garlic, onions (garden fresh too), ginger and pepper. We made a sourdough pizza this weekend with a cashew creme cheez and sunflower basil pesto, me oh my and our newest troop member, dressing meister Alex is making a peppermint wine which we’ll be enjoying a couple of weeks thanks to this heat. We thought we’d have a week of fermentation to celebrate the magic of wild yeast and so starting tomorrow we’ll kick off with the peppermint wine, move into kombucha, a mead, sprouted grain bread, and whatever else our magical chefs can get their sparkling fingers around. We said goodbye to some family this week but said hello to a clear and expansive future of skill sharing and world healing.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff