Weekly Update 06/20/2010

Posted June 20th, 2010

This weekend was a celebration of Dad, the creative force that brought us into the world. At the same time we celebrate our mother earth who is experiencing the longest days in the year as the northern hemisphere rides through the solstice of summer. Our secret garden is busting at the seams as we harvest homegrown, love-filled veggies daily. We have the largest cukes i’ve ever seen, the yellowest squash, onions, okra, corn waiting in the wings, watermelon peeking through under lush leaves, edamame pods ready for steaming and salting, tomatoes too green but toppling, and garlic garlic garlic.

With the understanding of the revolution in growing food and watching the magic of a seed becoming such nutritious and magnificent fruit it is a blessing to produce meals at the hostel with food that has traveled just a few hundred yards to the table, not the average two thousand miles from farms we don’t know the names of. We also know all the ingredients that have aided the plant’s growth and have watched every step of the plant’s life. Whether you are growing food on a plot in your back yard, in a community garden, or in a pot on your apartment window ledge it is wonderful to enjoy the rewards of your personal labor and tendering and I can say happy chomping.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff