The days are shorter, the leaves are changing and winter is just around the corner. Which means that it is time to prepare by brewing some beer. Every year at this time beer is celebrated around the world and we intend to do just that by practicing the science of Zymology in our very own beer brewing workshop. Zymurgy is literally the process of fermentation and the process we intend to use to create a chocolate oatmeal stout.

The workshop will be held on Saturday November 6th. Long time zymurgists Walter Liebrich and Jay Wells will be here to walk us through the process. Fermentation will be discussed in detail as we boil and brew the afternoon away. Once our batch is well done and we have soaked our brains in homebrew knowledge we will have a tasting of interesting brews from throughout the country. There has recently been an upsurge in the number of small breweries in America and many of these began with a recipe just like ours, created in someones home.

The benefits of brewing your own beer are numerous and exciting. For one the intrinsic value of the creative process is the essence of any hobby. It takes little time relative to the reward. The quality of your beer will be greater in terms of taste and health benefits. Once you have invested in the equipment, the overall cost will be less. It is also a way to further your self reliance and lessen your dependence on large corporations. And best of all, your options for variety are endless. The cost for the workshop is absolutely free! Of course you will need to be over 21 to attend the workshop.

Please let us know if you are interested when you call to make a reservation.