Weekly Update 8-30-2009

Posted August 30th, 2009

With the summer coming to an end, schools reopening, and people prepping for a new year, the Hostel has slowed down quite a bit.  The mosquitoes are still the only things reminding us that this is not heaven on earth, however, consistent afternoon showers followed by immediate sunshine keeps them at bay most of the day.  Those not accustomed to occasional onslaughts, should keep it in mind to have some kind of repellent at hand.

The staff has taken advantage of the decrease in the flow of guests and have been concentrating on the finishing touches for the cob kitchen.  The ability to cook a pizza in thirty seconds is going to be a nice addition for anyone with a decent appetite.  Its a great feeling to see the progress that has been made and the beauty that naturally evolved with the kitchen, as well as the forest this summer.  A thanks to all who have lent a loving hand to the projects and the Hostel.

With the transition in seasons approaching one can sense the preparation for that shift throughout the forest.  Two days ago was the first chilly morning we’ve had in a long time.  Of course this is spoken from a born and raised southerners perspective.  With that being said, the atmosphere is not the only thing going through change at this time.  All things must come to pass.  With Hostel family moving on to new ventures in life there are a couple of openings on staff ; Kitchen manager, Garden manager, and Compost tech.  If anyone has experience in these areas and is interested in taking part in a unique and magical community/ non-profit organization please give us a call.

We have had two chickens pass away recently due to old age.  They came, they saw, they…were chickens.  Leslie and Goldy were two seasoned members of the Hostel animal family, and we shall for ever miss there random antics and peculiar chicken ways.  Fond memories of being entertained by the two will be held near and dear to many who have passed through and worked here.  Since the Bobcat incident Golden Boy, a younger, goofier rooster, has been roosting through the nights in different locations of his fancy.  This has made for fun games of “Who spots the rooster first wins”.

Lastly,  we are fortunate enough to have a guest coming through this weekend who is going to be sharing his skills in didgeridoo making.  If you have never experienced the resounding drone produced by this instrument, it is well worth your time to research it. 

Hope this update finds all in good spirits and those who are not, endure and claim your happiness. 

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff