Weekend Workshops 05/09/09

Posted May 6th, 2009

Tea: John Emiba will host an iced tea break & discussion. After gathering together, John will share the easiest and most practical ways to steep a refreshing iced tea set-up while guests enjoy iced tea samples of a delicious green tea called Misty New Top, on which John will also elaborate in greater detail. Come experience the benefits of tea.

Hooping: Lacy Emiba will bring the hoops and your will bring the hips! Lacy will provide Hoops for all ages & Instruction for all levels. Hooping is free and Lacy provides an entire class set of loaner hula hoops for everyone’s enjoyment. For full moon sweat lodge hostel guests, Lacy is offering a special discount off her handmade hula hoops, so you may bring hooping home and spread its joy in your own town. Custom hoops available.