Weekly Update 12-07-09

Posted December 7th, 2009

The full moon and accompanying sweat lodge were featured events this week. Much appreciation for all who participated. Guided as a medicine wheel meditation, the sweat encompassed community, introspection, strength and wisdom, and vision as the themes of each round. The experience was described as gentle and supportive. Although there were hefty storm warnings and weather scans indicating present moment occurrence of heavy precipitation, the ceremony unfolded without a hiccup and merely a slight drizzle during the third round. We are oh so very grateful for the prayers and blessings that encouraged the downpour to hold until dinnertime. At which point, the clouds wrung themselves and thanks were practically shouted in effort to be heard over the roof-pounding deluge.

Fairly frigid dripdrops continued falling from sky in bursts through out the week, saturating the Forest. Puddle abundance and slippery-when-wet boardwalks inevitably resulted. Galoshes are great for life amongst such conditions. Walking at a more gradual pace and/or with a toe-then-heel stride minimizes the potential of balance mishaps due to the slickness. Sweeping away wet leaves during the precipitation lulls is also quite helpful in reducing the banana peel bit equivalent and for increasing visibility. Raking fallen debris from the sand paths amplifies their ability to reflect moonbeams, as well. Nighttime navigation of the Hostel’s paths is further enhanced by gazing towards the horizon and viewing the contrast between the paths and Forest, rather than attempting to see per usual. Many thanks to all who nurture the paths while visiting here.

We are seeking previous work exchange, staff, and/or manager who’s who sorta snapshots capturing Hostel livin’ workin’ playin’ for an upcoming collage project. Representation of as many generations, eras, and clusters of folks who have dedicated spans of their day-to-days, simply because they love this place, will be much appreciated. Please flip or scroll thru photograph stashes, scout out some free print deal on the interweb, and snailmail copies to our post office box.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff