Weekly Update 12-30-09

Posted December 30th, 2009

Winter Solstice, with it’s longest night of extended darkness, was balanced by full blast sunshine. Temps are fluctuating in the forties and fifties. Somehow it usually seems more frigid than the thermometer indicates. Firewood collection, raking, sweeping, gardening, and such are warming chilled bodies from the inside out. And the wood stove keeps on keeping the dome cozy.

Orange Kitty and Miss Lady wandered into the Hostel without reservations or identifications, blatantly ignoring the no pet policy. Perhaps they considered themselves travelers due to their Forest adventures. Adorable and sweet as could be, our feline and canine friends were adopted by caring guests. Many thanks for the furry ones and the generous people!

Salads are being plucked from the Secret Garden, rinsed, and served ultra fresh. The dinner fridge seems to be perpetually overstocked due to local donations and gifted produce lovingly grown by guests in their home gardens. Such abundance is glorious.

Tom’s annual Christmas party was held the eve of the eve. It’s a gathering of all sorts of folks, including Hostel staff and guests. Delicious sippables and munchables are shared. A circle of thanks offers everyone an opportunity to share names and gratitude. And then the crowd meanders the neighborhood caroling. Quite the occasion!

Various kind individuals who previously lived-worked-played at the Hostel have come back to the Forest for visits during these recent weeks. It’s wonderful to hear stories of yesteryears. Especially, since the essence of being here is still oh so similar.

Most of the staff scattered for the holidays. We are grateful for those who did not abandon the ship, holding space with merriment and joy throughout those quietest nights. As we reconvene, celebration continues—appreciation for day-to-day life, an upcoming full moon with aligned sweat lodge, and the transition from oh-nine to ten.

Happy happy 2009 conclusion!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff