Weekly Update 11-30-09

Posted November 30th, 2009

Families of all sorts populated the Forest this week surrounding our Thanksgiving celebration. This holiday of family gathering, feasting, and gratitude is very much an extension of the Hostel’s daily dinners. Circle of thanks, where everyone joins before dinner to share a moment listening to the Forest, who they are, where they are from, and some specifics they are thankful for, was enjoyed per usual. Turkey on the menu, however, was a scrumptious variant.

The garden’s dandy, although there were frost warnings this week. Many thanks always for those who cultivate and nurture its growth. For Alan, who donates the horse manure. And for more and more tangelos!

Since we cannot change the nature of a species, exotic invasives are being plucked and uprooted from the Forest. A traveling collective known as the Dharma Bums offered their helping hands with this project. They also cheerfully contributed towards the perpetual collecting of firewood, weeding of the sweat lodge area, and fireside music.

Amongst the miscellaneous occurrences… Four unique yoga sessions were shared in the Glass House. A tea party was hosted in honor of a solar return duo. Dank strutted off to elsewhere when no one was looking. Front porch and backyard chairs have been refurbished. And the Hostel continues to draw in the loveliest guests.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff