Weekly Update 11-23-09

Posted November 23rd, 2009

Another string of seven days and nights woven with an array of enthusiastic participants and a plethora of enjoyable moments has meandered onwards. Sunshine’s radiance inspired countless smiles. Mosquitoes returned with amplified peskiness, much to our dismay and the bats’ delight. Leaves are fluttering from trees to earth. Garden-fresh elderberries, sour oranges, and tangelos are being munched with appreciation. Meteors were sighted from lake viewpoints beneath the new moon. Flashlights fueled by donated batteries assisted many grateful guests during the Forest’s darkest nights. And Tom’s tales of the Hostel’s beginnings (the book within the carved wood cover) continue to entertain travelers from all around the world.

Telephone pictionary is also a source of nightlife entertainment. Any number of participants can play. Each will need a writing utensil, a piece of paper, a writing surface, a comfy seat in the circle, and a splash of creativity. First a sentence is written at the top of the paper, which is passed to the left. An interpretive illustration is contributed by the next person, who then folds over the sentence and passes left. A descriptive sentence is scribed by this person, who then folds over the illustration and passes left. Only the most recent addition should be visible as the paper travels clockwise and the alteration between words and images brings it full circle. Results, as well as the experience, tend to be quite humorous. Thus, it is a great way to join folks of varying degrees of familiarity together and mingle laughter.

Mycol Stevens led an Ethobotanical Intensive this recent weekend, focusing on wild edibles and exotic invasives. Extensive knowledge was communicated thru discussions, guided walks amongst the Forest and on Jekyll Island, and snacky snack time in the kitchen. We hope to incorporate foraged natives with dinner and remove those of questionable impact from the area. An informative handout from the retreat is tucked amidst the cookbooks for reference by upcoming Hostel visitors.

Following dinner on Monday, November 30th there will be a Read Aloud hosted in the common room. Bring your favorite poetry, prose, and passages to share. There will be tea and cookies!

The full moon sweat lodge will be on Wednesday, December 2nd. Those interested in participating are reminded that arrival the night prior is required and that the Hostel is without a nearby river rock source. If you have access, we would incredibly appreciate rock donations. Smooth river rock is by far the best option, although others can be used. Granite and crystal cannot, since they are likely to shatter. When gathering the rocks, be mindful of your intentions. The energy extended while gathering the rocks will be transferred to the sweat lodge and reflected in the experience.

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May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff