Weekly Update 11-10-09

Posted November 10th, 2009

Yet another week’s sequence of enhancing days and nights has elapsed amidst life at the Hostel in the Forest…

Our tribute to “Remember, remember the fifth of November / the Gun Powder Treason and Plot” included a Guy Fawkes effigy bonfire, tales of international travelers celebrating back in the day at the Hostel, and a showing of “V for Vendetta” in the new dome. The impromptu occasion linked historic events with present moment perspectives and mingled multi-generational understandings.

Opportunities to connect with our neighbors expand the community experience of the Forest. Pumpkin Patch Produce (hello Gerald, Libby, Destin, and Chase!) and the produce stand of the St Simons farmers’ market are local businesses that donate food to our kitchen. Their contributions inspire much appreciation. Gifts of Hostel eggs and grocery bags for reuse are offered as humble tokens expressing our gratitude. Thank you, thank you!

Cast iron cookware is a key detail of food prep in our kitchen and is making a comeback as a modern kitchen essential. It is known for heat diffusion and retention properties, stove top or oven use, increased healthful iron absorption, and nonstick surfaces when properly seasoned. Specific, yet simple, care is necessary to maintain the beneficial qualities. Avoid soaking or soaping. Instead, use hot water and a dishwashing brush to cleanse off any remaining food particles. Once towel dried, place the cast iron on a low heat burner to complete the drying process. Wipe the cooking surface with an oil rag, saturated fats such as coconut oil and lard are best, and voila—the cast iron cookware will be preserved for years upon years to come.

We hate to nag, but we are getting a number of people making reservations and then not showing or letting us know. We fully appreciate your plans may change BUT LET US KNOW PLEASE! We frequently turn people away because we are full and when you don’t show and don’t let us know, no one gets to use that bed or tree house and we loose an overnight. We also plan our evening meals based upon the number of reserved guests. Uncanceled reservations are noted and may impact your desire to make another reservation in the future, so please, please let us know.

In conclusion, we remind all potential and returning guests that the special event weekends fill up quickly.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff