Weekly Update 9-15-2008

Posted September 15th, 2008

This week at the Hostel we’ve had a few ex-staffers and ex-managers come through and love up on the place. Ko’alani has joined us on staff for a little while, and she made some magic in the common room, cleaning it at all angles and actually somehow making the space larger. She will also be leading a dreamcatcher making workshop this weekend. Travis Bowman, manager from 2003, is here and pouring water for the sweatlodge which has begun again now that it’s beginning to cool just a bit. Forecasts predict a drop of about 5 degrees starting mid-week for us in the forest.

We were also blessed to receive a whole truckbed full of flagstones from a local horticulturist – thanks Whitney! We’ll be putting them to use as soon as it cools off a little bit.

Our garden has become somewhat of a jungle this August, and we’re looking forward to some gardeners arriving soon to begin preparing it for a fall planting. We have been cooking plenty of desserts with the pears growing from our tree in the garden though.

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff