Weekly Update 6-23-2008

Posted June 24th, 2008

We had our sweatlodge this week Wednesday on the full moon, poured again by Papillon. Peaches has become our steadfast firetender, enduring the blazing sun and fire to hold space and serve those who are in the lodge. Thanks man, and thanks to all of you who have been bringing rocks for the lodge as well. Keep them coming, as we can only use each rock once – if you live near a river, pick up some two-fist-sized rocks from a dry spot up on the bank, and we can use them in our next lodge for healing and prayer. Thanks!

Friday we cut two extra window spaces in the kitchen walls, one in each wall on either side of the existing window over the sink. They are screened on the inside, and will hold a piece of glass from the old dome doors on the outside during the winter. They brought an incredibly cooling breeze through the kitchen, as well as extra light and forest greenery, a feeling of more space, and recurring smiles from those of us who live here. Murray wandered through, musing “Why haven’t we done this before?”

Saturday 7-year-old Eli from Jacksonville treated us to a Ninja show out on the old dome deck, and then that evening we had an impromptu all-ages dance party in the common room with laser lights and superloud 80s pop music, followed by a swim in the lake to cool off. The lake has been staying warm at night, the yellowflies have died off, and the mosquitoes are still scant – it’s an amazing time to be in the forest.

We’d like to extend the invitation to dance instructors to come down and trade us a dance workshop – salsa, swing, ballroom, tango, or any other couples’ style dance that’s a lot of fun – for a night in a treehouse. Also a reminder that we accept trades from massage therapists as well. Just call and ask for the manager to set it up.

Thanks y’all, and May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff