Weekly Update 6-03-2008

Posted June 2nd, 2008

This week at the Hostel we were blessed with a visit from a former manager, Mark Gribbon – his first time back at the Hostel since his tour of duty in 1988! Though so much of the infrastructure has changed, he said that the ethos was the exactly the same: good people spending time getting to know one another, especially on the front porch. He shared his old pictures with us, and it was true – one could hardly tell the difference between eras when the shots were of front porch hangouts.

Mark was manager when the pool was overhauled and rebuilt using rebar and cement blocks, so we got to view pictures of its construction and the ensuing mudfight. There was some debate as to the length of the warranty on the pool – he claimed 19 years and Murray and Tom claimed 21, but the matter was resolved over some wine and storytrading between the three alumni.

The staff cleaned the pool this week as well, getting all the way to the muck at the bottom and giving it a good scrubbing, then filling it with fresh clean water from the well. (Thanks Mark for your support with the process.) The timing is just right as the weather gets hotter and sweat becomes a natural part of the workday – we’ve had pool gatherings just about every afternoon since cleaning it. We also received donations of large plastic barrels, pvc pipe, and some lumber, and will start building a rainwater barrel system in the garden this week. Thanks guys! Our gardener Zak Stern the Chosen will be leaving us this week, and he has been working hard on creating a small urban garden, with displays on how you can create small effective garden areas for your home, including a potato barrel and squarefoot raised bed. More info to follow soon on the website.

This past week we’ve had a record number of no-shows and it has been extremely frustrating. PLEASE, if you can’t make it to the hostel, call us and cancel your reservation! Not only does it deny space to travelers who could be staying in your place, it also demoralizes the staff, and if your name is placed on our no-show list, you will not be welcome to stay at the Hostel again. Thank you for your consideration.

This week we were also honored to host a war veteran, who said at our circle of thanks that it was his first time out in nature in many years without carrying an M-16. He was thankful to be able to relax and to realize that he wants to radically change the way he lives, and we are thankful for his service and to witness the beginning of his rebirth.

Also, we are currently planning a Yoga Retreat Weekend for July 18th-19th 2008 ~ more details soon.

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff