Weekly Update 6-16-2008

Posted June 16th, 2008

This weekend in addition to a relaxed and intimate artist retreat, we had two unannounced performances at the Hostel. Friday night Kathy Meyers led a movement and embodiment ritual in the labyrinth at dusk by candlelight, with staffers Carlyn and April and work exchanger Molly. Saturday night, former manager Mikey Tietz led the staff, Tom, and Murray in about seven short comedy sketches, for the delight of guests and staff. Despite sputtered lines, missed cues and a minimum of rehearsal (if any at all), we all had a lot of fun.

We had some issues with wanting to host travelers and yet trying to keep space open for people to attend the retreat solely for that purpose, so it looks as if in the future we will try to keep beds open for both, and hopefully not have to turn anyone away unless we are bursting at the seams. There is a yoga retreat coming up the weekend of July 18th, details to be found on our events page. On the work side, we took the chainsaw to four dead trees that have been looming in the forest, including the fabled Widowmaker which hung over the dome for years but thankfully never fell. We took it down as well as one right next to the glass house, one by the chicken coop, and one over the pool. All went smoothly and now we can breathe a little easier when powerful winds blow through the Hostel.

This week we also brought out our new line of Hostel shirts, which we’ve begun buying at thrift stores (instead of sweatshops in China or India) and had silkscreened locally. There’s a huge assortment of t-shirts, halter tops, hoodies, jogging bras, thermals, and other cool gear, and they are flying off the racks, which we built right in the common room next to the office window. Everyone’s really excited about this development and we’ll continue to experiment with what types of clothing y’all want to buy. Workshirts? Jumpsuits? Vests? The possibilities are numerous.

That’s what we’re here for at the Hostel in the Forest, and that’s what we learn, work for, and teach: creative, dynamic change.

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff