Mind, Body and Spirit

Posted September 5th, 2007

The Mind Body Spirit retreat began at the strike of lightning, Friday evening, and concluded with the soothing breeze, Monday afternoon. A delightful array of individuals gathered here at the Hostel, many for their first time. Moments were experienced exchanging knowledge, sharing empowering stories, and forming inspiring connections as we explored concepts of mind body spirit well being. Workshop topics included poi, yoga and meditation, sprouted and fermented foods, dance, and stained glass. The weekend was filled with countless aha! moments and joyous laughter. We are grateful for each and every one who played a role in the retreat’s success.

Scattered rain over the course of a handful of days and nights was received gratefully by all at the Hostel. The rain encouraged the heavy heat to give way to gentler weather, while partially quenching the Forest’s thirst. More please!

The equestrian photography world has summoned Hanoch from the forest. His final (for now) construction project was an awning addition to the hidey hole. We will miss his way with words, carpentry and fix-it contributions to the Hostel, play with fire, and passion. It is suspected that he will return soonish, albeit briefly, here and there amongst his travels.

The dinner bell tolls.

May The Forest Be With You