Weekly Update 9-24-2007

Posted September 24th, 2007

Exhilaration flowed from the circle of individuals that participated along side the Global Mala Project here on Saturday morning. The workshop for peace and awareness consisting of 108 sun salutations lead by Erin was more then just a success it was inspiring. Thank you to all that came and participated! It was a great way to end the week and a bright start for the fall season.

Tuesday night after dinner will be the garden party with Carissa out at the Secret Garden, there will be a fire circle and garden goodies celebrating our summer harvest along with some information shared on the upcoming garden plans for the winter. Oyster Mushrooms have been spotted on the Mushroom Logs and we’re waiting in anticipation to see if that project turns out some tasty treats for the kitchen!

Keep your fingers crossed! Sweat Lodge is Wednesday and there are still a few spots available for those that are interested. Reservations should be made for Tuesday to participate in the Lodge on Wednesday. Also in the works is our annual Halloween Party, happening this year the weekend after Oct. 31 on Saturday Nov. 3.

Hope to see you soon, until then…..

May the Forest Be With You