Bang !

Posted September 10th, 2007

The week started with a bang! Literally. The sound of the ceiling plaster falling to the ground in the Hostel’s dome library startled many early Monday night. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but decisions were made to start packing up the books and move the staff out of the dome. Thankfully plans for a new dome have been in the works and temporary housing for the staff was not a hard decision. During the week with the help of Murray, Chad, and the amazing Hostel staff, four beautifully spacious rooms were constructed in the corral. Sadly the library doors will have to be closed for safety reasons, but the library books have migrated to other useful spaces and can continue being read and enjoyed by staff and guests.

We also had to say goodbye to more hostel family. Chuck’s time here with us for now has come to an end, like Hanoch, he too had to return to the world of alarm clocks and pay checks, but like so many that come and go through here their spirit stays with us. Lessons learned will also stay with us, Chuck’s enthusiasm on educating people about plastic pollution and toxins was motivational. Though the changes made during his stay may seem small to guests passing through, the hostel will be better for it, and we will continue to reach goals that were inspired by him.

With so much going on here this week and with his warm disposition our new arrival could have easily slipped his way right into the hostel groove without us noticing if it wasn’t for the amazing hostel meals he’s been cooking up every night! His degree in dietetics, creative use of organic whole foods mixed with traditional styles, and positive energy in the kitchen haven’t been missed in eating his dinners! We all feel blessed with Trey’s arrival and are all excited to watch the kitchen come alive under his management!

May The Forest Be With You