Birthday Thanks

Posted July 9th, 2007

Last Wednesday, the Hostel celebrated its 32nd birthday! We held a masquerade ball on Friday night, with a real party for the guests and staff, with music and dancing all night! Many thanks to all that participated, there were some really great costumes in the crowd! The lighting was donated by our friend Tree, as well as one of our staff, Tasha.

The following day we had an outside barbeque, and played games all day. Thanks to Dr. Rick, who gifted us the meat for the barbeque. We had fresh barbequed shish kabob, corn, black bean burgers, shrimp, trout (caught up in the mountains!) and pork rib. Thanks to everyone that helped cook the massive, delicious meal!

We also said goodbye to two more of our staff, Bo Post and Mike Jones. We appreciate all that they have done for the Hostel. Two more of our current staff are leaving shortly, Hannoch and Ken, and this puts us in a bit of a predicament. We need more people to assist us, so if anyone out there has the desire to join our dedicated staff, please call us as soon as possible! Details here.

The dock that Hannoch was working on is all but finished now, we’re just waiting on a few parts to come in the mail to complete it.

And, once again, we had a bit of rain, to the thanks of us all!

Until next time,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff