Hostel Greetings

Posted May 21st, 2007

As usual, it has been a busy and productive few weeks here. Spring-speaking, the Hostel continues to bloom. The caladium bulbs planted by our guests have started to come up, as well as the ones from the previous year. The flower beds around Miss Louis’s porch were gifted with some beautiful Bromeliad plants by Kristen Bowman, a guest traveling up from Jacksonville, Florida. We continue to enjoy the harvest from the vegetable garden. Zucchini and onions flowing in as fast as we can eat them, and sugarcane is coming up around the lake!

The fermentation workshop that some of our staff attended, went well, and we hope that the knowledge we gained can be passed on to our guests. The kitchen has had a revival in Kim Chi creation, and was able to ferment some yogurt using the milk from our own Hostel goats.

This week has also seen the annual pool cleanup. Each year around this time, our swimming pool is drained and cleaned, allowing it to be fresh and clean for the summer without having to treat our water with any chemicals. Due to the drought that we are experiencing, the pool’s water level was very low and the pool itself was in need of quite a bit of maintenance this year. The staff here drained the old pool water into the pond (saving as many fish as possible!), patched the cracks with mortar, and then painted several layers of sealant on the walls. It’s been a long, gritty process, but we’re almost done, and look forward to enjoying the refreshing swims of the summer to come.

Finally, an old Hostel family member returned and helped us out. Poppy came down for a few days, and helped us out with some beautiful construction projects. He also took some of our excess chickens back with him to Asheville. Thanks to him and everyone else that has helped make this place shine recently!

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff