Warmth of the Spirit

Posted April 3rd, 2007

Wow the weeks can really fly by here at the Hostel, especially when we are having fun. This weekend wrapped up our Annual Spiritual Retreat. It went off with out a hitch. The hostelers passing through were led by brilliant teachers on their spiritual paths, and made some deep friendships in the process. We would like to start off this update thanking all of our instructors for their time as well as for their gifts that they shared.

The retreat started off on Friday in the Labyrinth. After dinner Padma was kind enough to lead an introduction to the Labyrinth, and then the group walked it. The night luminaries were more than enough to lead them on the path.

On both mornings of the retreat Kara and Karuna, two long time friends combined their efforts to provide us with some outstanding Yoga; first sending our focus inward on Saturday and then on Sunday partnering us up for an outward interplay.

Saturday our focus seemed to be geared towards Native American traditions. Our Sweat Lodge and its preperations took half of our group for the day. Tom led the group on an intense spiritual practice, and all of those involved walked away with a glow of satisfaction. Also Bo, a new Hostel friend, was able to introduce many of the guests here this weekend to the world of our spirit guides. Her work left man smiling and ready to face some buried issues. Mikey, here on staff at the hostel, then took several guests on a journey through the Dreamcatcher. Finally after Dinner Chokyi, a teacher of many paths toward enlightenment, took us out to the Glass House where she reminded us all how self love can be a big part of the medicine we need.

Sunday afternoon, Chokyi once again led us on an intense breathing workshop, and boy did this author see some sweating. Then in the evening Eric Wooddell, an old and dear Hostel friend, led many guests through some Chakra Meditations, and then invited everyone to artisticly interpret what they saw after each Chakra Meditation. Then after yet another amazing dinner, we gathered to the beat of the drums and danced to invoke the much needed rain.

That’s not all that has happened either. Our young billy goats have been leading many an expedition out of the designated area, to the Glass House and Tom’s studio. Eventually we figured out that the battery on the Electric Fence needed a fresh charge. That didn’t stop the billies, unfortunately. So we have now passed them on to another local farm. To that same farm we were also able to pass of 20 of our chicks. But cheer up ya’ll, no baby billies means more goats milk. We have alread started planning for our butter!