The Spring Zing

Posted April 30th, 2007

The Hostel is enjoying the late spring, as it starts warming up. Less and less blankets are getting used at night, and the night is definitely arriving a bit later. We have, on recent warm evenings, gathered out on the screen porch for conversations, and games.

The spring animals are here as well. The whippoorwill is calling out in the forest nights, the butterflies are circling the gardens, and this author has recently seen their first hummingbird.

Our chicks are adjusting wonderfully to the outdoors, and are yet to have any predators. In other Hostel animal news, the goats have recently decided to be a bit more free range than we’d like. As a result, while we wait for a taller fence arrive, the goats are being cared for by friends in the local community.

We gathered on the front porch on Friday night with our new projector. We spent the proceeding two hours learning who may have been responsible for who killed the electric car. There may be future events at The Hostels Front Porch Drive In, so stay tuned…

There is now a fire update on this web site, it will be useful to all of you at home who may be worried. It will also provide the Hostel Team with information need as well, for this morning was the first time the forest was smoky. Although it cleared out quickly, and the fire is some miles away, it was quite disturbing to see as you rise to the morning. So please everyone continue to send your energy to bring rain to The Hostel…

That is it for now Hostelers,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff