Weekly Update 10-03-07

Posted October 9th, 2007

Unexpected turn of events with our Chicken of the Month had forced us to rethink Miss October this week. Only a few days after pictures were taken and decisions were made to give her the title of Miss October she/he started crowing and ‘addressing’ other chickens! The team met and decided because The Hostel in the Forest is a cutting edge, out of the box, ‘teach through example’ sort of center we will not be taking the title away from her/ him, but will now encourage ANY chicken that wants to try out for Chicken of the Month to do so.

In other news at the Hostel, Trey had a “Sprouting Small Beans” workshop this week that showed our visitors how simple and accessible sprouting is. The vegan dinners continue to be amazing and we are always impressed with the innovative meals that the Hostel dinner table has become so famous for.

The Annual Halloween Party is approaching fast, so any who would like to partake in our “Forest Circus Side-Show” should call to make reservations for Saturday Nov. 3rd. If you would like to participate in the talent show portion of the party you should come dressed with a side-show personality in mind!

Until next time…... May the Forest be with You