Weekly Update 10-28-07

Posted October 30th, 2007

Hello Hostel Friends:)

We’re happy to say that we’ve received a bit of rain this past week. Even though it cancelled the sweat lodge for the month the lodge participates we’re happy that it rained and for the time they did have with each other at Tom’s place, drinking tea and getting to know each other better. Forest friends and family continue to stop through the hostel and show the forest amazing amounts of love. Energy levels are up and projects are once again spinning around in peoples minds and attention is being giving to places that were unattended to for awhile. So thanks to everyone who knows and feels the hostel and gives back to her when their able to do so.

In other news we’re excited about a new little nut that has recently come our way, and the results its shown us in our laundry is so exciting that we feel the need to pass along the information to those interested in a greener laundry environment. The Hostel has just recently starting using these magic little berries in our laundry and are delighted to say that they work just as well, if not better then the eco-friendly laundry detergent we have been using. We encourage those interested to take a look at the website here and learn more about the Soapberry Tree!

The soap that grows on trees – “Across the jungles of India and Indonesia there is a tree called the Chinese Soapberry Tree, unique in the fact that it synthesizes its own natural soap-like saponins that coat the shell of the fruit. When the fruits ripen and fall from the tree, local families harvest the windfall, then remove the inner fruit from the outer shell. The shell is then dried in the sun, using absolutely no chemical processing or manufacturing processes. In fact, the whole process uses no fossil fuels either, except in the transportation of the product to the western world (which is efficiently accomplished by ship). Until now, there have been few options for eco-conscious consumers. While an increasing number of eco-friendly manufactured laundry products now exist in the marketplace (such as Seventh Generation and Biokleen brands), no natural laundry product has appeared in the western world that is 100% manufactured directly by nature. And many of the so-called “natural” laundry products are still made with fragrance chemicals, anyway. The laundry room is one of the most toxic rooms in the home of a typical consumer. Commercial laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain alarmingly high levels of toxic chemicals well known to cause cancer, liver disorders, neurological disturbances and hormone disruption. Even worse, all those toxic chemicals get flushed downstream where they contribute to the mass killing of fish and ocean ecosystems, including all the various lifeforms that depend on the fish (such as birds). Soap Nuts are an amazing new product that replaces commercial laundry detergents with a natural soap that literally grows on trees.”

To learn more about Soap Nuts, check out this informative video

Until next time,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff