Hostel Update 10-1- 2007

Posted October 3rd, 2007

Bulk grains, organic fruits, books in the mail, our wish list is being read and gifts are being generously donated! Thank you so much to everyone that has so thoughtful given to the Hostel. The chore board has also been updated and is being read and because of the helping hands of the guests and their love for the Hostel the place looks amazing! We couldn’t be what we are without the people who come through here and put their time and energy into the forest, and though the staff is often thanked during circle for all that we do around here, we are also always thankful to you, the guests, who do the magic that you do here!

The garden party was a success, garden beds have been prepared, root crops have been planted, and herbs are beginning to sprout. The fall garden is starting to come to life and we’re excited to see what we are blessed with this season. The sweat lodge was also this passed week and it was lead by our dear friend Chokyi and the fire was tended by our friend Dave, the staff was able to have an intimate sweat due to the low amount of guests that day, and they agreed that it was very beneficial!

Things to look forward to this month are workshops with Trey on sprouting and a green cleaning workshop with Erin. Continue looking at the website for updates on when theses workshops will be held.

Until next time…. May the forest be with you! The Hostel staff