Slow and Steady

Posted January 30th, 2007

Hey there readers. This week we have been settling down and cozying up next to the wood stove. The winter chill has finally taken hold and as I type the gardeners are doing their best to frost-proof the gardens. So if you are coming soon be sure to bring some warm gear and a blanket or sleeping bag.

We have been doing some more clearing out at the Mystic Oak and some finishing touches for Tom’s writing studio. Murray and Matt have also been bustling around the Hostel putting the new electrics in order. This is a first step toward implementing as much energy reduction as possible at the hostel. One way you folks could help is by donating LED dimmer light bulbs for our screen porch, or any energy efficient bulbs and/or appliances.

As always thanks for checking in and tune in next week to see what happens…