Lots 'a News

Posted January 24th, 2007

At the beginning of last week, right after the last update, the Hostel had welcomed two new residents. Two sweet baby male goats had been born to Brown Sugar. They were quick to walk and are already playing with us. The goats have been moved once again, to continue clearing out a space behind the garden for the Cob Garden Structure we have been planning for a while.

Out at the Mystic Oak, the trees are cleared, and Miss Louise’s Porch has been relocated to take in a stunning view of Live Oak. Her porch has been revamped and repaired and now it will almost seem as if Miss Louise can sit out behind the grand tree and wave at all the Hostelers coming down the entrance road. We would like to once again thank everyone for the endless and diligent work. After this weekend all that will be left is the clean-up.

The February Sweat was much enjoyed by its attendees, as were the folloing days workshops on Fermantation. Our guests this weekend had a great time learning a bit about living fermentations you can keep in your household to increase your vitality and health. Kombucha, Kim-Chi, and even your Sourdough, are great ways to introduce living life to your system in a localized and sustainable fashion. To learn more you will have to keep an eye out for the next time we teach about Hostel Fermentation.

The Hostel crew took an outing this Sunday to teach our Canadian guests, and our resident Swede a thing or two about American Football. What better way to do so than at a bar for the Superbowl? Of course having Yoey and Crisp around, two Chicago natives, led us to root for the Bears, but despite the loss we had a great time. And yes Anneli does know what a touchdown is now.

Keep an eye out for future updates ya’ll

May the Forest be with you,

The Hostel Staff