Essie Mae

Posted January 13th, 2007

I was saddened to learn of Essie Mae’s death. She has moved on to that great juke joint up in heaven. The juker provided a world of memories for all of us, memories that will live on forever. She served up many a Miller High Life for us and always had that twinkle in her eye as if she understood the great mysteries of life.

She kept that paddle behind the bar and had been known to take it out and use it on anyone who misbehaved. I remember the time Rob got skunked in a pool game, and as tradition requires, dropped his pants and ran around the table. That brought Essie Mae from behind the bar with the paddle. I have visions of Mildred sitting at a table with Louise laughing and talking and then wildly dancing to “Strokin” by Clarence Carter. Robert would be sitting by the stove. Ricky always sat in the background until one night he broke out and almost set the dance floor on fire with his wild dancing. Ida would drop a few quarters in the juke box then set the standard for whipping the most hostellers in pool than anyone else. The Honey Dripple was a place that will always be in the back of my mind with a smile.

So I raise a Miller’s right now to toast a wonderful lady that held the admiration of people who came there from countries all over the world. Essie Mae, I guess you and Louise are up there laughing and talking about old times. I hope that when the Maker calls me, I can be up there with y’all, having a blast! Here’s to you, Good Lady!!!!!!!!!!!