Honey Moon Restoration and Visiting Bells

Posted September 19th, 2006

It has been an eventful week hostelers. We started the week off remembering a very important person from hostel history. Miss Louise. For those of you that did not know her, the Thirteenth of September was the day she passed in 2001. She was a laughing soul that brought joy to all who crossed her path, oh and she loved her Miller Highlife. Tom, Murray, Clyde and the staff went to her grave to drink a Highlife with her. We spent the evening telling stories of Loiuse, and after all these years she is still just as much a part of the hostel as she ever was.

On Friday we were fortunate to be a a part of by Brenda Hutchinson’s Bell Project. Hey, the chickens even made it into her video. There are some other pictures in the Hostel Pictures section. Thanks for Stopping by Brenda we enjoyed the bell, and we hope you and Norman will come back sometime. You can watch the video here.

The Honeymoon hut has begun phase two of renovations. We have Stephen Miller and Carol Howard, friends from Tybee Island, painting the floor. What it will be has gone unseen so far, it will have to a be a surpirse they said.

Stay tuned for more from the peanut gallery…

The Hostel Staff