Tai Chi Workshop

Posted March 23rd, 2006

Ken Stewart will be giving an Elemental Tai-Chi workshop in the glasshouse. It is a graceful and healing form of moving meditation with only 12 postures to learn. It enhances focus, massages every major organ in the body, and produces balanced energy rythyms that help to restore the body to its natural healthy state. “Its that thing you see old people doing together in the park in China”. Ken will also be reading from his recently published book and casting voices for a future publication on audio.

Ken is a Holistic practitioner, Writer, Minister, Tai-Chi/meditation instructor and Congressional leader/District 1 for the (US Dept of peace)/Peace alliance. He is a pioneer in the field of Audio-harmonic sound healing and presently directs these efforts towards the education of special needs children. He is a published author and is currently promoting his new book “W.G.O.D. ...the revelation station”. He is also rumored to be a better than average poker player and can most commonly be found in the nearest hammock.