Retreat Weekend

Posted March 23rd, 2006


First come first serve sign up for the sat night sweat lodge. 15 person occupancy.

Dinner at 7:30

9:30ish pm- Introduction to labyrinths and then a group walking of the lighted labyrinth.


10am yoga with Robin Mcdonald in the glass house

10:30ish Brunch will be available in the kitchen.

12 noon – lighting of the sweat lodge fire including the blessing of the rocks, and laying of the blankets upon the lodge.

1pm – Wet land Ecology Lecture and Tour with Dr. Stephen Golladay – will meet at the domes.

3pm – Sweat lodge orientation. The sweat will immediately follow lead by Tom Dennard.

7:30 – Dinner

9:30 – Fire side council discussion


10am – The middle pillar: a chakra meditation with Poppy Deboer in the glasshouse

10:30ish Brunch will be available in the kitchen.

12 noon – Elemental Healing – a meditation and workshop on the 4 elements with Gnat Nathaniel Childress. Will meet at the domes.

2:30 pm – History of the hostel T trail tour with Tom Dennard. Will meet at the domes.

7:30 Dinner

A continental brunch of Fruit, bagels, toast, tea and coffee will be served on saturday and sunday morning from 10:30-1pm.

Lectures and instructors

Yoga by Robin Mcdonald – Robin is a Licensed Hatha yoga instructor who teaches at the Saint Simons health and fitness center here in Glynn county.

Wet land ecology lecture and tour – Dr. Stephen Golladay is an aquatic biologist with 20+ years experience in the field and a researcher at the Joesph W. Jones Ecological Research Center at Ichauway. ( There will be a brief powerpoint presentation and introduction. Then we will poke around with some nets and learn about the critters that live in wetlands. Participants should plan to get their feet wet. The sensation of being off the board walk is entirely different and quite beneficial in the understanding of wet land ecology.

Sweat Lodge – Lead by Tom Dennard. The sweat will be 4 sessions, roughly 45 minutes each and will have many aspects of native american ritual as well as the freedom of the 10 year hostel tradition.

The middle pillar: a chakra meditation -Conducted by Poppy Deboer. The middle pillar is an ancient meditative technique used to balance and clear the seven main chakras, energy points in the body that move up the spine from tailbone to skulltop. Each chakra has its own attributes, from color to emotion to potential addictions. We’ll spend the first half of the workshop discussing the chakras and the meditation, and then the second half meditating. This will be a 1-2 hour workshop. Poppy, from Jamacia Plains, MA, is a previous staff member and a greatly valued part of the hostel family, who has spent countless hours and energy at the hostel.

Elemental Healing meditation and worhshop – By Nathaniel Childress aka Gnat. This will be an interactive meditation upon each of the 4 elements: earth, water, fire, and air as well as our position within them. It will be conducted in the garden, at the lake, and in the glasshouse. Gnat is a previous and present staff member.

History of the Hostel T trail tour with Tom – Tom Dennard is the owner and founder of the Hostel in the Forest, a well published author, adventurer and 30+ year practicing lawyer here in Brunswick. He will be leading a tour of the property and sharing a slice of the almost 31 years of hostel history. This is will be a grand treat!!!!!!